Shaniera Akram lands in hot water for tweeting an apology to ‘good men’

Lobbyist Shaniera Akram is known to say it like it is and not extra a second to get down on the awful structure she sees around her. Regardless, Akram’s latest tweets haven’t gone down well with Twitter customers, who have faulted the dissenter for pandering to men when the spotlight should only be on improving the concerns of women.


Following the unpleasant assault of a female TikToker by in excess of 400 men at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore, during Independence Day merriments, a couple of recognizable huge names were incited to discuss their shock and disdain with respect to the event. Regardless, Akram’s post in favor of men has left customers on the smaller than usual composition for a blog site rather astounded.

The lobbyist expressed, “My heart goes out to all of the incredible men of Pakistan. I’m sorry such huge quantities of your kin have besieged you.” The tweet was met with response on account of the way that it decenters women in the conversation on violence and assault. One Twitter customer communicated, “This is so fantastically musically tested of you to say. I’m truly puzzled. Pakistani women suffer so a ton, our fight ought to be included, not the ‘Not All Men’ prevailing fashion.

Another offered a change of the primary tweet. They communicated, “Changed tweet: My heart goes out to all of the women of Pakistan. I’m sorry men have besieged you. One baffled customer replied with an assertion, forming, “‘All men advantage from the exercises of horrendous men. The presence of horrible men grants ‘extraordinary’ men or men essentially doing without a doubt the base distinctions just for being decent people’.

Getting down on the ineffectively planned nature of the tweet, a post read, “I can audit such endless situations where such endless men behaved like they own the spot or the woman or the youth or the goat. Try not to ponder the extraordinary men. Men will not at any point get what a woman goes as the day advanced. Besides, these are the most recognizably horrendous of the events to relate to men.

The modeler’s tweet comes after an elevated rising in the declaring of genuine assault and sexual infringement against women and adolescents. In a past tweet, Khan kept an eye on the assault of a female TikToker by in excess of 400 men during Independence Day celebrations at Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore. She expressed, “The way that there are some worthy men who ensured the powerless youngster doesn’t diminish the subject of what has occurred for mankind. Where is the respect fanned out for women in Islam? Is the law, or shortage in that office, engaging men to uninhibitedly assault women?

The new scenes of severity against women, which consolidated the crime of Noor Mukadam, similarly as the protection from the oppressive conduct at home bill, driven a couple of indisputable celebrities to take to Twitter to discuss the fear they feel as women in Pakistan.

Performer Mehwish Hayat tweeted about the shock she felt resulting to finding out about the Minar-e-Pakistan news. She point by point how the basic presence of a woman in a public space is as of now enough to instigate men into doing savage bad behaviors against her. The performer expressed, “Again, I’m left dazed and confused. Any great society should have pride, security, and respect for women. Has all the earmarks of being this doesn’t concern us. As of now a woman just being in a spot is affectation enough for her to be snatched. I really fear for every young lady of Pakistan. God save us!”

The loss communicated in her protesting halted with the Lari Adda police base camp that she was recording a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on August 14 close by her mates when a crowd of around 400 people attacked them. She asserted that the group got her and started tossing her perceptible in general. “I was stripped and my articles of clothing were obliterated,” she said. Highlighting the significant concerns of women, an online media customer tweeted, “My heart goes out to all of the women of Pakistan who consistently end up on the not exactly helpful completion of assaults, brutality and beheadings.

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