Abdul Rashid Dostum meets Ashraf Ghani; who is the former warlord, why is he talking to Afghan president?

The past VP of Afghanistan, Abdul Rashid Dostum has been faulted for executing outrages and attack in Afghanistan and has filled in as VP of the country for in excess of quite a while since 2013

When warlord and past VP of Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum has returned to the country as the Taliban inch closer to accepting accountability for his dependable stronghold in the north and fight for control of a progression of metropolitan networks elsewhere.


Ehsan Nero, a delegate for the past furnished power paratrooper, unveiled to AFP that Dostum displayed in Kabul last week and was meeting senior specialists to talk about security in Sheberghan, capital of Jawzjan region. The past VP has been in Turkey for a serious long time, where he was acknowledged to get clinical treatment.

On Wednesday, President Ashraf Ghani made a trip to the country’s northern honored city of Mazar-e-Sharif, barred by Taliban, to prepare his trapped forces, news office AFP uncovered.

According to the report, Ghani had conversations with Mazar’s dependable strongman Atta Mohammad Noor and Dostum about the security of the city.

Taking everything into account, who is Abdul Rashid Dostum?

Dostum — an Afghan normal struggle general known for frightful, fluctuating behavior while directing over the northern limit area for seemingly forever — has managed presumably the greatest non military personnel armed force in the north, which gathered a fearsome remaining in its fight against the Taliban during the 1990s — close by claims that his forces butchered a considerable number of guerilla prisoners of war.

Dostum was brought into the world in 1954 in Khojha Dukoh, northern Afghanistan. As a “four-star general”, he filled in as head of staff to the president, the dynamic president Hamid Karzai, as indicated by Gulf News.

He is an inconceivable ethnic Uzbek pioneer, is scandalous in Afghanistan for unbelievable barbarities and for more than once trading loyalties over 40 years of dispute. Notwithstanding a rundown of war bad behaviors added to his name and charges of figuring everything out the attack and torture of a political foe, Dostum transformed into Afghanistan’s first VP in 2014.

Dostum has been faulted for executing barbarities and attack in Afghanistan and has filled in as VP of the country for in excess of quite a while since 2013. He stands faulted for butchering hundreds, if not thousands, of Taliban prisoners of fight during the US-moved assignments in 2001 that cut down the hardline Islamists’ norm over the country.

The general, who fought with similarly as against Soviet warriors and is said to have been instrumental in helping US Special Forces with toppling the Taliban framework following the 9/11 attacks, is adored by singular ethnic Uzbeks but simultaneously feared by various people in Afghanistan, as indicated by NBC News.

In the Soviet-Afghan clash, he fought against the Mujahideen and traded sides not some time before the fall of the Najibullah government.

As shown by Washington Post, in 2009, then president Hamid Karzai drove Dostum out for Turkey over claims that he beat, took and mentioned the assault of another political adversary, Akbar Bai. Dostum was allowed to return a large portion of a month preceding that year’s races, throwing his weight behind Karzai to help him win another term.

In late 2016, Ahmad Eshchi, a political adversary of General Dostum, said he had been beaten and sodomized on his orders, declared BBC

As indicated by New York Times, he is an incompetent past Communist expert turned warlord who eventually was lined up with each side in Afghanistan’s long clash — including the Taliban — and turned on by far most of them. He is faulted for outrages, including allowing his men to stifle out extraordinary numerous Taliban prisoners in locked truck holders.

Dostum has bear a couple of various undertakings on his life, including one declared by the Islamic State bundle last July in Kabul that killed 23 people including AFP driver Mohammad Akhtar.

Why is the Afghan president meeting with him?

Ghani is holding talks with Noor and Dostum about the insurance of Mazar-e-Sharif as Taliban competitors crawled closer to its edges.

Specialists offered no hint of the outcome, anyway later Wednesday said two of the country’s top contenders had been replaced by General Hibatullah Alizia as military chief and General Sami Sadat driving the top notch commandos.

The lack of Mazar would be a disastrous hit to the Kabul government and address the complete breakdown of its order over the north — long a fortification of threatening to Taliban neighborhood armed forces.

Resulting to conquering by far most of the north, the Taliban have now centered around Mazar — long a critical part for the public position’s control of the space — in the wake of getting Sheberghan to its west, and Kunduz and Taloqan to its east.

Mazar saw irrefutably the bloodiest doing combating during the Taliban’s consumed the country during the 1990s, with rights bundles faulting the jihadists for butchering up to 2,000 standard individuals — for the most part Shiite Hazaras — resulting to getting the city in 1998.

The Taliban find appeared commonly not inspired by concordance ideas, and seem, by all accounts, not really settled to a strategic victory to crown a re-appearance of power after their ouster 20 years earlier in the wake of the 11 September attacks.

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